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Police Dog Bill
Monday March 23, 2015

A new bill has been proposed to make it a Class E felony to knowing kill a police dog. Currently, anyone accused of killing a police dog in the line of duty is only charged with theft in Tennessee.
The new bill, known as Aron's law, is named after a Metro Nashville Police dog that was killed in the line of duty nearly 17 years ago.
The bill has cleared one committee and will go to the House Agriculture Committee this week. It could go to the House floor by March 30th.


Abortion Proposals Debated
Monday March 23, 2015

A proposal that would require ultrasounds before any abortion is one of several abortion bills set for debate this week at the Tennessee General Assembly.
The ultrasound bill is headed to a House committee. Sen. Mae Beavers also plans to push forward with an amendment that would enact mandatory counseling-called informed consent-and a 48-hour waiting period between the time a woman seeks an abortion and when she can go through with the procedure.
The measures come in the wake of Tennessee voters adopting a constitutional amendment in November that nullified a 15- year-old state Supreme Court ruling and opened the gates to abortion restrictions.


Audit Finds Problems
Jay Walker Monday March 23, 2015

A state audit of Warren County government found five problems, but officials say four of the five have been corrected.
A state official met with the Warren County Audit Committee this week to review the audit findings.
According to the audit, the issue needing attention involves the offices of County Clerk, Register of Deeds and Sheriff. The audit says duties were not segregated adequately. In each department, only one person handles financial bookkeeping. State officials say more than one person should oversee bookkeeping to prevent accounting errors.
Problems that have been corrected involved the Office of Finance Director, Office of Trustee, Office of Circuit, General Sessions and Juveniles Courts Clerk, and the Office of Clerk and Master.


Scam Alert
Jay Walker Monday March 23, 2015

The Warren County Sheriff's Department is warning local residents to be alert for scam artists who are out to get your money. They often target the elderly.
Sheriff Jackie Matheny said an elderly Warren County woman was scammed out of hundreds of dollars by a caller, claiming to be her grandson. The caller told her he had run into some trouble in Las Vegas and needed her to wire him some money. He then handed the phone to a person who claimed to be his lawyer, who instructed the woman where to wire the money. As it turned out, the money ended up in a location outside the country.
Sheriff Matheny said this wasn't the first such scam that has targeted Warren County residents. He urged everyone to be wary of such phone calls asking for money to be sent, even when the caller claims to be a relative. Be sure you know who you're sending the money to.


Educators Involved with Standards
AP Friday March 20, 2015

Gov Haslam says the involvement of educators in the review and development of the state's academic standards remains a priority.
The governor has created a public review process for the standards, which include the controversial Common Core state standards for English and math.
Wednesday, a proposal advanced out of a House education subcommittee that would make Haslam's review process law. It would also add an additional review committee, even though the governor's process already has several committees.
Some question the need for the additional review committee, as well as who will comprise it. The main concern is whether there will be enough educators on the panel.


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