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Addara Southard

Addara Southard

105.3 Wow Country Student of the Week brought to you by Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, The Peoples Lawyer This weeks winner is Addara Southard a 7 year old from Dibrell Elementary. Her favorite subject is Reading.Her hobbies are hanging out with her 4 year old brother and jumping on the trampoline. Addara is on the all A's and B's honor roll list. One day she would like to become a Veterinarian .She has a bright future ahead of her, keep up the good work Addara! With all that said Addara has an amazing story that she wanted to share in hopes to inspire someone that may be struggling, so I spoke to her Mother and here is Addara's Story told by her Mother.... On January 20th 2015 was the day Addaras life turned upside down she was taken to the hospital with discoloration and swelling of her legs which proceeded to consume the rest of her body over the course of three months she stayed in Vanderbilt Children's Hospital she lost up to 50% of her skin, they threatened to amputate both legs and left arm if they could not get the infection in her blood under control. It destroyed her fatty tissue and cause her skin to peel and even went into her bones. They do not know exactly what it was but Addara is better. She spent a month in Atlanta Georgia and Scottish Rite Hospital for Rehab. When she got out a month later she broke her left ankle, she has to have multiple reconstructive surgeries on her left arm and now she has to have tendon surgery on left ankle to repair damage to her peritoneal nerve that caused her to have drop foot. She has feeling in it but no Mobility, she donated her walker and her wheelchair to Kids of Community so that she can share and help kids less fortunate she constantly goes back to Nashville Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and sees other kids and tries to brighten their day. Addara has had a rough couple of years but even with that being said she's never let the smile come off her face.She is a bright and cheerful little girl that has a heart so big and soft but she is tough as nails.I would like to thank the community for all the donations that was given while she was in the hospital I would also like to thank everybody at Dibrell school that had a hand in putting her in for student of the week she doesn't want anything for doing something so selfless but she appreciates being acknowledged for what she does not for what she's been through I appreciate everything people say about her she definitely makes this mama very proud.

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